Professional Skills


Throughout the past 4 years I have refined my writing skills through academic papers and creative projects. From research based to analysis based, writing has been a skill that I utilize daily.

Digital Design

I have worked through multiple platforms in order to create projects and assignments such as Adobe Suites and Canva.


Most of my academia has consisted of research in order to create academic papers and digital projects.

Web Design

I have worked on a handful of web based platforms for academic projects.


logo on various coffee cups

Brand Style Guide

As a professional writing minor in the multimedia track, I have created a personal brand style guide with logos, colors, fonts, and much more.

logo and slogan from marketing project

Marketing Mock-up

In my business and administrative writing class I was put into a group to create a mock business proposal with different sections for our imaginary brand. I was in charge of the marketing section and included original logos and research.

webpage about children unable to be vaccinated

Multimedia website

A project I worked on in my multimedia writing course involved creating a website about a community during the Covid-19 pandemic where we did extensive research and created several infographics myself. The page I individually worked on was the 'Children' webpage.

news story with sign of town in Mexico

News Stories

My Journalism writing class allowed us to create news stories about events that we knew of during the time. This involved interviweing and the proper use of AP style for journalistic writing.

data visualization of various words

Algorithm Analysis

Algorithms and Culture is a course within the film and media department that allowed us students to work with sets of data and create visual data representations.

essay about pandemic media

Digital Theory Research

Digital Theory is one of the main courses needed as a film and media student. In this course we wrote a final paper regarding media during the pandemic.